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Product Information

PlatiScan VI Board-Check

Available as a "Stand Alone" (shown) or "Integrated" solution, PlatiScan VI Pro - Board Check provides fatigue free , Automatic Visual Inspection of your PCBA's or assemblies.

PlatiScan VI Pro - Board Check can be used to test components NOT tested during In-Circuit or Functional Test, thereby reducing the number of un-tested parts and thus increasing overall test coverage.  Alternatively, PlatiScan VI Pro - Board Check can be used to inspect 100% of all parts based upon CAD-Import. (via PlatiScan VI CADLink).

In Operation

PlatiScan SystemThe system consists of an image capture booth containing a high quality digital photo camera and illumination module, controlled via PC by the PlatiScan VI software.  Images are captured "on command" and transmitted to the PC where they are analysed by proprietary algorithms.

Detected errors are then displayed graphically or by text. The PlatiScan VI software suite also offers extended data logging capability.

When choosing an integrated system in connection with an In-Circuit test system, the analysis takes place in parallel with the ICT  thus is  done in "zero time"


Check the presence/orientation of :

  • Electrically non-testable devices
  • Electrolytic Caps & Diodes
  • Plugs/ Plug contacts
  • Mechanical parts
  • Stickers / Labels
  • Connector Pins (missing/bent)
  • LEDs (colour & intensity)
  • Graphical displays
  • Component orientation

Further information about this product can be found here in our
Product Information sheet or under "Support" -> "Downloads"