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Product Information

PlatiScan VI JetTest

PlatiScan JetTest

The system consists of one or more micro-cameras and illumination modules, positioned in the Test Fixture above the DUT.  Both are controlled via PC by the PlatiScan VI software.
Captured images from each inspection zone are transferred to the PC and analysed by proprietary algorithms. Detected errors are displayed as text or graphically 

Test "on the fly" during In-Circuit Test.

- Resolution from VGA up to 5 Mega Pixel
- Control up to 8 cameras
- In Colour or Black & White
- Test time of < 1 second*
- Possible extension to other test systems, incl. :
  Boundary Scan, Functional Test, Flying Probe, etc.
- Test displays, LEDs, Polarity, orientation/presence
   or just to test parts that cannot be electrically tested
- Direct failure information to repair stations

*dependant upon cost/number of individual tests

Further information about this product can be found here in our
Product Information sheet or under  "Service" -> "Downloads"

PlatiScan JetTest