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Product Information

PlatiScan VI LED-Check

The system consists of  high quality digital photo camera (or industrial camera) and illumination module, controlled via PC by the PlatiScan VI software.  Images are captured "on command", transmitted to the PC where they are analysed by proprietary algorithms.

Available as a "stand alone" or "integrated" solution, PlatiScan VI LED-Check provides "class leading", automated testing of LEDs.

PlatiScan LEDScan PlatiScan LEDScanHere the system is evaluating the LED Colour
and Intensity parameters with very high precision.

Very High Accuracy

With our test set up and PlatiScan VI evaluation algorithms, we achieve (depending on DUT build quality/control) the following accuracy:

Intensity: +/- 3% max, < +/-1% typ
Colour   : +/- 5nm max, < +/- 2nm typ

Further information about this product can be found here in our
Product Information sheet or under "Support" -> "Downloads"

PlatiScan LEDScan